We help lawyers save time and money with video

Grow your sales by using video to inspire and educate prospects on how your legal services can solve their problems.

You no longer have to...

  • Rely solely on referrals to get new customers.
  • Spend thousands of dollars a month on ad spend to get leads.
  • Spend most of your time answering the same questions over and over to various clients.
  • Have a chaotic marketing plan.
  • Post daily to all the social media platforms to succeed.
  • Feel buried by administrative work “in” the business that you have no time to work “on” the business.
  • Struggle to build up credibility for your business.

Videos can change Everything for You and your Business....

Here’s How :

✓ The first meeting feels like the second meeting

Clients will know, like and trust you prior to your first meeting. The videos accelerate your sales pipeline because future clients will trust YOU to guide them from their current problem to a solution.

✓ Evergreen Lead Generation System

Shoot videos one time to bring in repeatable leads year after year. No more running around to various networking events to bring in one client at a time.

✓ Streamlined Business Operations

We focus on creating videos that save you time so that your focus is revenue generating activities vs. answering the same questions from clients over and over.

Our Services

Group Coaching Program

This is for businesses that have a social media marketing manager or an assistant in place that needs additional training. Or this is for solo practitioners that need help getting started.

In our group coaching program we train you and or your staff to execute the video content creation process. By the end of our trainings your staff will be confident they have the skills and systems in place to create consistent video to grow your business.

“Done For You” Video

This is for the business owner that wants to just show up and shoot the video, that’s it. don't want to be bothered with all the execution associated with video production.

In our “Done For You” option we script, shoot, edit and upload your video content.

Video Testimonials

This is for the businesses with raving fans who would shout from the rooftops how awesome your services are.

We have a simplified method to capture client testimonials, akin to a video-based Yelp or Google My Business.

Hi, I’m Sarah

My journey into the world of business began at Gap, where my role as a buyer ignited a passion for steering companies toward success. My tenure in corporate retail exposed me to the challenges and rewards of managing large operations. However, it was my experience at eBay that truly pivoted my career path towards entrepreneurship. Interacting with remarkable entrepreneurs and the life-changing event of welcoming my first son into the world motivated me to start my own business.

As a wife and mother to two energetic boys, I’m acutely aware of the challenges involved in business growth, especially when juggling multiple responsibilities. The quest for a marketing strategy that not only delivers the highest return on investment but is also sustainable can often feel like a daunting task. My goal is that, as we work together, we not only grow your business, but simplify the path to success so you feel empowered to create the life and business you desire.

Hear what our Clients
are Saying...

"20% of my firm's closed business is now coming from YouTube"
Ellen Cookman
Estate Planning Attorney
"We love working with Sarah...It was an easy partnership from the beginning..."
Alma Robles
Associate Executive Director
""...Sarah is instrumental in helping me establish an online presence... "
Heather Lin
Real Estate Agent

How to Work with us:

1. Schedule a Zoom call with our team.
2. If our services are a good fit for your business, we will provide a proposal to work with us.
3. From there we will start our implementation process immediately to help your business save time and money using video.